The story of our cosy bed and breakfast in Florence

Antiche Dimore Fiorentine are a cosy bed and breakfast in Florence, on the Florentine scene since 1995, when this type of stay was not yet so popular in Italy.

After several vacations in the UK and generally abroad, we had the idea to transform our own family house, inherited from our grandfather, into a real welcoming accommodation for tourists, taking inspiration from those countries where Guest Houses were a common thing already.

Antica Dimora Johanna was thus the very first bed & breakfast appearing on the scene of Florence city centre, in via Bonifacio Lupi 14, characterised by a friendly and warm hospitality, that focused on making the guest feel home like in a family, with a room reminding of the same safe and warm environment back home, also while travelling.

Success soon arrived: the reporters of the Michelin and Gambero Rosso guides came knocking to our door to interview us, talking about our bed and breakfast in the most prestigious international travel guides.

Becoming more and more popular, we soon realised it was time to open a second bed & breakfast, since the capacity of Antica Dimora Johanna was not enough to answer the huge demand. That’s how we opened also Antica Dimora Firenze and Antica Dimora Johlea, at number 72 and 80 of via San Gallo, locations we selected since they were famous to be renowned areas where lawyers and merchants used to live in the past.

The common denominator was, and is, the same for all our dwellings: to create a warm and family style hospitality, with a staff that was, and still is, welcoming guests as a life mission.

Those working with us, in the family of Antiche Dimore Fiorentine, are not really professionals belonging to the world of tourism, but have always been people with a a great heart and a huge dedication for our guests and their happiness, making them feel at home.

A kind of hospitality that well matches the internal décor of our dwellings, that we personally chose to reflect the style of our real homes, in a traditional Florentine style, with a little touch of ethnic, classic and modern at the same time.

It is not by chance that our personal lifestyle and travels around the world strongly influenced the décor of the rooms, like for example with the lamps and rugs that we imported directly from Morocco, or the typical Florentine clocks that you can find in all the rooms, that we chose in person.

Our suite apartments Casa del Mercato and Casa di via Tornabuoni were ideated only 5/6 years ago, joining our family of dwellings, adding the self-catering option to the offer.

If what you are looking for during your travels is exactly this warm family style hospitality, then Antiche Dimore Fiorentine may be perfect for you, our cosy bed and breakfast in Florence city centre!

Here are the links to discover all the secrets of Antiche Dimore Fiorentine and book asap your bed and breakfast room in Florence, see you soon!



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Antica Dimora Johlea

RO.PA di Daniele Paolo Puglia
Firenze, Via San Gallo, 80
P.IVA 03203320803
Tel +39 055 4633292

Antica Dimora Johanna I

Lilium Srl
Via Cappuccini, 18 65014
Loreto Aprutino (Pe)
P.I. e C.F. 05674740484
Tel +39 055 481896

Antica Dimora Firenze

RO.PA di Daniele Paolo Puglia
Firenze, Via San Gallo, 80
P.IVA 03203320803
Tel +39 055 4633292