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One of the goal of this blog is to help our customers to spend the most of their florentine journey, giving them many ways of enjoying the city and the beautiful Tuscany region, in order to visit Florence as a real Florentine and not as a tourist. As the matter of fact, visiting Florence doesn’t only mean to walk downtown or to admire the artworks that everybody envy us, visiting Florence means much more: as, for example, the possibility to do a day trip, or to go in the centre of the city yes, but not living the territory as could do any tourist. It is for this reason and for all those that we will explain you, that we wanted to introduce into the Antiche Dimore Fiorentine’s world a person who has perfectly understood our guests’s taste and, starting from his deep passion and knowledge for Tuscany, he had invented a profession and a way of life: Marco Mocellin.

His first desire with his job and with the “experiences” he had thought for its clients, is to give to those who visit Florence – it doesn’t matter if it is the first or the umpteenth time – to fall in love and to live it, “not as a traveler passing through, but as if they were there to visit a local friend of them”, as Marco said. Following the tips and the advice of your “local friend”, you could avoid all those stages considered the most touristic and, at the same time, you could know that you’re in one of the most beautiful and charming city in the world, so full of possibilities, masterpieces of art and history. It’s just from this requirement, often manifested by our customers, that the collaboration with Mr. Mocellin was born: visiting Florence following a guide is certainly beautiful, but if the guide could have some activities for you to do, It would be even more.

Marco is a tour leader who came from the Veneto region to Florence to study history of art at university, then he fell in love with our city and Tuscany in general, and when he graduated he decided to live here, to start a family and raise his children, working in contact with the public, the riches and the wonders that our province offer. He will accompany Antiche Dimore Fiorentine ‘s customers, in groups of up to 4 people, that will take advantage of the service inside that his agency offers to those who want it, and to make you discover the territory as a guide speaking in Italian, English and French language.

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But what are the routes and destinations that Marco offers to our customers?

Going through the Chianti or to Val d’Orcia country, or visiting Florence but not as a traditional tourist guide would do, Marco gives our customers the chance to live in their own paths in Florence and its prestigious vicinity, valuing and discovering the riches, crafts, cooking, art and culture of the region of Tuscany. If you want, for example, to visit the area between Florence and Siena, beloved by the Italians and foreigners – not only because this is where one of the best wines of the world was born– you will have the opportunity to choose between two types of different offer: “Chianti Classico con vista” and “Magnifico Chianti Classico“.

Marco Mocellin will accompany you from Montefioralle to Greve in Chianti, passing through Badia a Passignano and visiting some of the finest wineries of the area. Moving towards Siena in “Toscana Inaspettata” tour you could visit the wonderful medieval sites of Poggibonsi, Certaldo and Barberino Val d’ Elsa, enjoying also a nice lunch. Instead in tour “Mani in pasta” Mocellin will lead you to the craft and the Tuscan cuisine, first in an ancient furnace where were built the tools used for the construction of the dome of the Duomo of Florence and, subsequently, a Tuscany cooking lesson. Or maybe you could try the “Florence Nascosta” box, to discovery of a part of the city still unknown to the great part of people, a path that ends up in Fiesole’s hill but that will bring you also among the beautiful but less known building and churches, unmentioned in the guides tour in commerce.

Over the years, Marco has perfected these itineraries following the needs of its customers, but also according to his own taste, proposing attractions in which he had always believed. That’s why he prefers restaurants part of the “Slow Food” garrison specialised in the traditional Tuscany kitchen, and for the same reason he promotes local winery companies , bringing you in the cellars of the small organic and biodynamic wine producers. Obviously, if you had a preference you just have to make a request when you’ll reserve this kind of service.

Believe us, there are so many chance to spend a unique experience during your trip, perfect if you want to live the city as you were born and raised in Florence, visiting it as a Florentine. And think about how much you’ll love, once you get back to your house, looking back at that time in Florence when you lived it feeling like a real florentine.

Discover all the extraordinary experiences waiting for you in Florence!

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