The gold of Florence: Procacci’s truffle

Here we are again after the summer break, today we give you advice to enjoy the best of our city during your stay in Florence and we will take you in the centre, to discover a small jewel in the heart of the prestigious Via de’ Tornabuoni, in a place to be, even once in life: Procacci‘s truffle.

Calling this place “gastronomy” or “wine bar” is almost reductive because, in fact, it is both things and also much more: it is a precious corner of the city, known and beloved thanks to its specialities related to truffle processing. There is no Florentine, in fact, that doesn’t know Procacci‘s sandwiches, or a tourist who has not been enchanted by the scent that comes through just passing in front of its door.

With its centenarian tradition – it has been founded in 1885 by Leopoldo Procacci – this historic activity in Florence, in 1925 has been rewarded with The Royal Arms from King Vittorio Emanuele III, with the patent of the Real Home and, to make the Tuscan cuisine known also in the rest of the world, in 2006 was opened a new Procacci in Vienna and in 2015 one in the centre of Milan. But in all the three locations, the main attraction are the delicious sandwiches that once tasted you can’t do without them! The merit owns to their fillings with truffle cream, or with foie gras, or with anchovies and butter from Normandy, or still ham and artichoke cream, amazing also the version with smoked salmon and chives, or Brie cheese and caramelised onions, the only defect is that they’re like cherries, one pulls the other!

Despite to the quality of the raw materials, this place is casual and is perfectly capable of presenting itself as a “Boutique of wine and sophisticated food”, where customers have always used, not just to eat, but also to drink very well, thanks to the selection of the excellent wines chosen by the Antinori’s family.

Procacci made a list of very valuable labels, perfect to accompany mignon sandwiches during an aperitif, a light lunch, a snack, but of course also at lunchtime when delicious hot meals are served. Procacci‘s cuisine varies only twice a year, with the alternation of the seasons, but without ever giving up the truffle specialities: from the Taglioni’s pasta to an oxen egg (the both covered by a rain of truffle scales) through salads, quiche or a Carpaccio’s beef, everything here is as good as it smells.

procacci firenze

But Procacci is also a shop where you can buy white or black truffles, paté, pasta, rice, salt and oil (both with truffle taste and not), and wonderful preserves, cheeses, dried fruit, and of course, excellent bottles of wine.

Despite this little gem of Via de ‘ Tornabuoni is very intimate and small, it receives dozens of customers every day who are not intimidated by the few tables in, but on the contrary, they take advantage of the possibility to buy sandwiches to take away to enjoy them in the office or at home. A custom which has also made by many tourists, so that they can carry a piece of Florence with them. One of the best.

Procacci’s store is closed on Sunday.

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