Pastry shops in Florence: Dolci e Dolcezze

We are happy to let you discover a very special pastry shop in Florence, especially for all the sweet tooth! And if it is true that this term indicates that kind of person who never returns to tomorrow what he can eat today, then today is the perfect day to go from “Dolci e Dolcezze”. It would be absolutely simplistic to define this place as a confectionery/café, since we are probably talking about one of the most welcoming places in our city. We are just few minutes away from the Antiche Dimore Fiorentine, in the central Piazza Beccaria and already from the window you can perceive the elegance and refinement that characterise their delicacies. Without any prejudice to the other Florentine pastry chefs, “Dolci e Dolcezze” is, in our humble opinion, the best ever.

To open this place of the heart was the owner Ilaria Balatresi who, with her husband Giulio, about 30 years ago, although originally coming from completely different sectors, they became passionate about bakery: at the beginning they prepared cakes at home, then as their art grew and was appreciated, they opened a workshop just outside Florence where they prepared cakes for restaurants, then they opened their shop in Piazza della Beccaria where, since always, they represent a fixed point for the Florentines, and not only. To help Ilaria, the sons Angelica and Lorenzo, who inherited from his father the love and the talent in the art of confectionery “Dolci e Dolcezze”.

Already approaching their windows you will have the feeling of being in front of a jewellery, whose precious jewels are those little masterpieces that you can taste entering in. From the very beginning you will perceive the warmth of the shop already from its furniture, with decorations and objects of great taste, silverware, glass backsplashes, paintings, green walls and perfumes and colors of cakes, single-portion tartlets and of cookies for sale.

It is impossible not tasting the famous Chocolate Cake by “Dolci e Dolcezze”, the best place to eat dessert in Florence! Born from the old recipe of a great-grandmother, made with pure chocolate Varhona, Corman butter and eggs strictly of the day, although it is perhaps the most imitated by other pastry shops, probably for you it will be (as it is every time for me) one of the highlights culinary experiences of your life! The ideal would be to combine it with a good coffee (here you can choose the mixture) or a Cappuccino, perhaps with a puff of cocoa and cinnamon, and if by chance you were not lovers of chocolate (by the way, how can you ???) your choice could fall on their wonderful rice puddings with raisins (or without), or on unsurpassed creamed croissants (or with jam), but also on fruit tarts (figs, strawberries, chestnuts, raspberries or lemons … depending on the season) or classic cakes such as Mont-Blanc, or Creme Brûlée that can be decorated with fruit of your choice (Lorenzo’s invention).


For some time now, the “Dolci e Dolcezze” menu has been expanded with savory recipes for lunch or a snack of excellent quality. And to ensure that these sweet delights are not just a distant memory at the end of your stay in Florence, you can buy cookies to take away (perfect as a gift) or jams, as well as the typical Panettone at Christmas or the Colombain the Easter period.

Someone says that “life is sweet if you allow it”, but if we allow it from “Dolci e Dolcezze”, it will certainly be even more.

Dolci e Dolcezze is located in Piazza Cesare Beccaria, 8 / r, open from 08.00 to 19.30 and it is closed on Mondays


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