Gucci Garden in Florence: Made in Italy Fashion and Cuisine

The place we bring you today is really amazing and is part of a unique project in the world: come with us, let’s go to the ” Gucci Garden “. Who has already been to Florence in the past probably had a chance to visit the “Gucci Museum”, located inside the prestigious Palazzo della Mercanzia, in Piazza Della Signoria, the most famous square of the city. Within this museum, in addition to the collection of some of the most representative and exclusive models of the famous Florentine Fashion Maison, you will remember that there was also a restaurant / Cafe, then in recent years, in conjunction with the change of the guard to Head of the Style Office of the Florentine Brand, entrusted to designer Alessandro Michele, was born a project as amazing as ambitious, realised and opened in January 2018, under the name of “Gucci Garden”, precisely and that, only a few months from the its opening it is already the most popular location in Florence.

Inside, as was already for the museum, an historical archive of the Florentine company which, since 1921, brings the name of the city and of Made in Italy all over the world, but also memorabilia and important objects of Contemporary Art.Inside the palace also a bookstore, and between maps and books, a Restaurant, whose management was entrusted by Gucci to Chef Massimo Bottura.

gucci garden firenze

His name is one of the world’s most important and recognized among the Italian Chef, the 2th ranked in “World’s 50 best restaurants “, as well as 1st among the European, with its restaurant in Modena” Osteria Francescana”, 3 Michelin stars. Surely this collaboration is facilitated by the link with Marco Bizarre, CEO of Gucci and classmate of Bottura, who follows and runs from afar this “Garden of wonders” signed by Gucci, bringing an innovative touch to the menu. “It could be renamed ‘come into the world with me ‘ “, said the Chef, referring to the choice to insert all high quality Italian products, in a kitchen run by an international team that inevitably made the cosmopolitan dishes and unique. As the matter of fact, to direct the kitchen of the ” Gucci Garden ” Bottura chose his sous chef, the Colombian Ana Karime Lopez Kondo, young and talented cook from the “Central” of Lima, one of the best restaurants in South America, married to the other sous Chef of “Osteria Francescana”, Taka Kondo. She dedicated to his husband the “Taka buns”, delicious steamed buns with pork belly and hot sauce.

But let’s look better at the “Gucci Garden” menu: first of all, contrary to what we could think between luxury brand and Michelin stars, the menu prices are not necessarily astronomical and prohibitive and you can choose between dishes ranging from 10 to 30 Euros, and from salads with spelt, barley and creamy egg, up to mackerel with Ponzu sauce, typical of Japanese cuisine, passing from the “boullabaisse” with mixed pasta under the curious name of ” Naples and Marseille then are not so distant “ or the exquisite tongue in green sauce and roasted lettuce. For a great ending of the meal, you must taste desserts: an unmissable “Tiramisù” roll cake and an unforgettable cherry Cheesecake.

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