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Today we want to introduce you to Tommaso and Tania Torrini, two brothers from Florence that, in 2002, opened a delicious shop, “La rosa Canina” and the florentine will remember it , as well as many of the tourists passing through the central area of San Niccolò, today specialised in wedding flowers in Florence. Not a common flower shop where to buy a classic bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s day for your beloved, but a small and special shop right under th Piazzale Michelangelo, where flowers are not only for sale, but something to fall in love with.

Just as it was for the brothers, so much to choose to revolutionise their lives and put aside studies and awards achieved until then: restorer of frescoes her and advertising photographer him, Tania and Tommaso decided to leave their context of origin to dive into the world of flowers by opening that little shop in via dell’Erta Canina that has become in a short time, for its style so different from other florists and with their freshly caught flowers, so simple and so beautiful, and very well known in Florence and in a sense, a principle of what became later in the years to follow.

Yes, because after some years the compositions of “La rosa Canina” have been chosen more and more for special occasions, ceremonies and especially weddings, so that in 2012, Tania and Tommaso decided to devote themselves exclusively to what have became their chore business: the world of wedding. So they shut down their romantic little shop to move at the 21 of Via Luca Landucci, leaving the retail sale of their beautiful flowers, to focus on the new business.

la rosa canina firenze

n a city like Florence – you can imagine – there is no passing without a couple choosing it as the location of their wedding, and we are not just talking about Florentine or Tuscan in general, but about couples from all over the world, so much that – as Tommaso tells us – “the vast majority of our customers is American and through our site, and a right word of mouth, we get in touch with us and in advance we begin to design what will be the best day of their lives “. It’s name is ” Floral Design “ and is a real fashion, a trend of North European origin which is highly appreciated even in the United States and, apparently, in Italy too is taking more and more foot and not only among the work, as it is still keeps Tommaso, who continues: “as the english lady Constance Spry florist and revolutionary writer, lived on horseback between 800 and 900, said: ‘everyone would do well to create a beautiful floral arrangement’ , and that’s what we desire to do with our clients”.

In fact, hearing the missing of human contact created in years with the habitué of the shop, Tania and her brother have thought to set up short courses, “but not training “ – as they emphasise – “ours are just advices and customers freely create their decks and their compositions following them”. And just to prove that there is no claim to teach some knowledge, and that the goal, rather, is to bring out the emotions of people from their relationship with the Nature, that these courses are called “ together with flowers “: last 2-3 hours, during which ” La rosa canina “ offers materials, flowers and assistance, then ” the clients do the rest”, every-time in a different outdoors location, in which eventually children and kids can enjoy and breathe good air.

n the summer season, the courses are suspended but from October until May they start again, producers of organic flowers and those who join the movement are preferred “Slow Flowers Italy”, cultivated according to the same principles as organic food production. This project takes life from the suggestions offered by an area of value such as Tuscany, among the world’s favourite destinations for wedding.

On the site of “La rosa canina” then you will find all more info, dozens of photographs of the meetings already taken according to the various themes proposed by Tommaso and Tania and you can make contact and join one of the courses on the occasion of your next trip in Florence.

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