Tuscan excellences: Mario Luca Giusti

Walking through the common areas of our Antiche Dimore, maybe for a glass of wine or to read one of the book at your disposal, you will recognise some of the unique creations designed by the Tuscan excellence Mario Luca Giusti, a distinguished florentine that – without ever leaving its beloved town – reached the most prestigious places in the world and a great success with his so chic household items that look like the old Crystal: “I’ve always really loved the table, but those really good ones are always very expensive, so I wanted to produce something elegant and affordable” from there, told us Mario Luca, the idea that marked and characterised its products of success: “One day I saw an object in Acrylic and so I thought I’d connect it to the elements for the table.”

mario luca giusti firenze

One more florentine excellence that, working well and hard, makes us proud of his success all over the world, and to meet his handsome and lucky rise in the design sector, once you’re in Florence, we suggest you take a dip in his world of plates, jugs, cups, ice buckets, coloured cruet, elegant and fancy, going into one of his monobrand stores. Currently in Florence there are two: the one in Via Della Vigna Nuova and the other one in Via della Spada. After those Mario Luca opened the others in Milan, Rome, Arezzo, Elba Island, the newest in Forte dei Marmi and, abroad, the one in the exclusive Saint Tropez.

But first you should know that Giusti’s family has always been composed by industrial, but instead of cutlery, glasses and jugs frosted (also with a good price/quality ratio), since 1865 has been successfully dealing with footwear, including Mario Luca that sidelined his passion for literature studied in Milan, and continued the family tradition until, in 2007, created the lucky “Ball “jug and all his first line of articles for the table.

From that moment on, the situation has grown year after year and today, Federica Giusti, daughter of Mario Luca tells us, “we are very satisfied and in the past year we get our business to 40 % in Italy and 60 % in the rest of the world “. After Italy, France and the United States of America are the stronger markets and waiting for the opening of a new monostore store in Paris, you’ll find Giusti’s products – so loved also in the star system world- as in our Antiche Dimore Fiorentine, in many luxury hotels in Capri, Porto Ercole, Ibiza and Miami and in the most important shops of the greatest capitals of the world.

Mario Luca Giusti’s creations participate with great success also at the most important sector fairs as the Salone del Mobile in and Ho-MI in Milan or La Maison & Object in Paris, but besides that design is the fifth sector for growth at European level.

One of the strengths of this company is that has united the bit retro crockery drawing, with contemporary materials of melamine and acrylic of which they’re made of, plus the refinement of the line and the explosive joy given by colors that make Mario Luca Giusti’s articles, recognisable as design “icons”.

With his art, Mario Luca Giusti brings not only beauty, lightness and innovation, but also the name of Florence on the boards of the houses of half of the world.


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