A new website, a new life 🙂

So it’s official: today we are starting our blog, a space dedicated to our guests, to those who choose to stay in one of the residences belonging to Antiche Dimore Fiorentine, or to those who will in the future.

This blog is meant to be a useful space, a chance to suggest what to see and what to do in Florence, and how to best enjoy the city … trying to stay away from the “usual tourist places”, because the blog is edited entirely by us, who have always lived here and know every corner of this city!

So, the blog will soon feature several sections: we took into account the most interesting things for those who visit Florence … arts and museums, good food, good wine, shopping and crafts, fashion, nightlife.

What more could you desire? Every post will be written, every advice will be given, every place will be suggested on the ground of personal experience, because we actually lived those situations, and we consider them worth trying… sometimes we will even interview people on site or take pictures ourselves 🙂

Our blog will be managed by some VIPs you are going to meet soon… each of them is quite an expert within his/her sector, here you can find their presentation… see you soon with their first posts and details!

To cut a long story short, the city presented on this blog will be Florence lived from the inside, genuine, authentic.

So, see you soon with the first post …

Enjoy your stay in Florence, our city and your city!