Farina de’ Cantucci

A prominent figure in the gastronomic universe, Farina de’ Cantucci is nowadays one of the most popular food bloggers on the web.

Each and every day, her digital profiles are literally besieged by food lovers from all over the world, eager to discover and comment about the delicacies she recommends. Be it an investigation on the most daring creations of nouvelle cuisine or a rediscovery of Tuscan tradition, Farina de’Cantucci always delights her audience with hundreds of pictures. Inside our residences it is usually possible to meet her in the morning, while she is documenting the joys of a gluten free breakfast with her camera.

Life always offers new flavors, and Farina de’ Cantucci wants to try them all!

Here are my posts on Antiche Dimore Fiorentine’s blog!

Farina de' Cantucci