TODO-MODO-58Umberto Eco  said, “those who do not read, at 70 years old will have lived one life: their own! Those who read will have lived 5000 years because reading is an immortality backwards.” and in fact, while visiting the heart of our city, passing from the Carraia’S Bridge, practically in Goldoni Square, I recommend you a special place: “Todo Modo”. It’s  impossible considering it as a simply a shop that sells books, first of all it’s an independent library and than, with than 15.000 titles – divided and easily identifiable by coloured.- it is the one with the most books in the original language in Florence. But “Todo Modo” is also a literary meeting point that, every month, twice a week, organizes events, presentations and debates of the best books of international literature. Merit of the business partners Maddalena, Pietro, Marco, Paolo and Tommaso deep connoisseurs of independent publishing, that follow this magical place with so much passion and professionalism. In fact, the common denominator among them, is literature and joining their love for it, these florentine guys have realized the dream of offering their city an open space of meeting and discussions, but above all to defend culture publishing… No matter what.

todo_modo_01By the way, that is exactly what “Todo Modo” is, like St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits order, used to profess and as then also Leonardo Sciascia used to do in his namesake book for the character of Don Gaetano, perfect interpreter of the “Todo Modo” way”: whether it was to kill or save the Church, it would have done it with every means and in the same way, even the owners of this beautiful space have the same determination to disclose culture. They don’t care if you have to pass from an e-mail, text or even Facebook and whatsapp, every means you can order books is fine, but – if I can afford advice in the council – nothing is more beautiful than when you do it in person, from their shop in Via dei Fossi, where you can feel that intellectual atmosphere and so elegant and chic that will welcome you as soon as you enter their shop.

todo_modo_03Furthermore, if you too put good drinking and good eating among the pleasures of your life in the first place, you shoud also visit the Uqbar, inside of “Todo Modo” shop, where every day you can enjoy a tasty light lunch or evening, a delicious aperitif. The name of Cafè is a tribute to a famous tale of J. L. Borges and, as Maddalena, one of the owners, tell us: ” every day we try to create a menu based on fish, vegetables, sausages and cheeses that, thanks to the culinary art of our lovely Japanese Chef Hiroko, valorized the kindness”.

todomodo-bar-31 Thanks to the their partner Paolo the same is concerned also for the wine part, as well as for the literature, they try to prefer independent wines producers “in that case ask for Davide: our nice roman oenologist will recommend you the glasses of the best Italian and French wines in circulation”.  At the entrance of Uqbar, don’t forget that at your disposal you’ll find newspapers, magazines and free wifi, to make your time more pleasant … no matter what.

With Summer schedule the library is closed on Sunday and Monday, but you can find more information about “Todo Modo” on their web site or visiting their shop in Via de Fossi 15 R