the-box-4-antiche-dimore-fiorentineThe Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood is the core of Florence nightlife. In the last couple of years years, The Box has added to the list of bars in the area , and quickly become a favorite destination for those who like to drink well. This small cocktail bar and brewery was started in August 2014 by Fabrizio Bargelli, and is located in Borgo Pinti 5 red. Although it has no sign, the place is easily recognizable thanks to the crowds that gather every evening in front of the entrance. In fact, the crushed fruit cocktails launched by Fabrizio have proved an astounding success. “If I look back, I realize that opening this place was really a gamble”, says Fabrizio. “In order to do that I left a good job. I had to set up the place by myself, on weekends, and I had to cope with a lot of problems. But it was worth it, because The Box is exactly the kind of cocktail bar I’d like to stop at for a drink”.

the-box-5-antiche-dimore-fiorentineSo, what kind of place are we talking about? Once you get in, you can immediately feel the intimate atmosphere, favored by the soft lighting, the few tables, and the jazz music playing in the background. Features that help to maintain a low profile in visual terms, according to Fabrizio’s personality: “Usually bartenders have an outsized ego, while I’d like the person behind the desk to be almost invisible. Like many, I attended bartender courses. But I never believed in flair, in the most spectacular aspects of this profession. These are just tricks used by bartenders, in order to show off. As a matter of fact, preparing a good cocktail is like cooking, one just needs to know a few simple rules. One above all, the right balance between sugar and lime“.

the-box-2-antiche-dimore-fiorentineSubstance comes first, then. A philosophy that, in practice, translates into fragrant and delicious cocktails, prepared with a little sugar and plenty of fresh fruit. “We have a good selection of spirits, especially gin, but what really makes the difference in taste is the use of fresh fruit. We get it from Maxfruit, at the vegetable market of Novoli. The prices are higher, but the quality too. Moreover, the fruit we use for cocktails is never blended, only crushed: a process that does noto not alter its flavor and characteristics. And all this comes at the price of 5 euro per glass!

the-box-3-antiche-dimore-fiorentineIt goes without saying that the crushed fruit cocktails are the true mark of The Box, but the bar also offers a great selection of craft beers: I prefer raw and unfiltered beers. These are “living” products, and therefore they are healthier for our body“, says Fabrizio. “One of our suppliers is Riedenburger, a family business producing organic beer. But I’m also launching our personal blend, to be served on tap. It is a low-alcohol beer, flavored with honey and prepared by master brewer of Lorem Ipsum, a company from Mugello. And what about snacks? “Drinks come with little snacks, and we recently started preparing crepes”. So, what are your plans for tonight?

The Box is located in Borgo Pinti 5 red, and is open daily from 06:00 pm to 02:00 am.