antiche-dimore-fiorentine-quelle-tre-2Cecilia, Cristiana, Luciana. Three sisters, three women, three worlds. They are different in nature and features, but they have been together since the start. They are Quelle Tre (italian for “those three”). But Quelle Tre is also the name of a women’s clothing and accessories line, that Scardigli sisters launched in Florence in the late ’80s. “Our parents, as well as our grandparents, run a tailor’s shop. So we can say that we are following the family tradition”, says Cecilia. “Yet, before involving in this adventure together, we lived our lives separately for a while. When we found each other again, around 1989, Quelle Tre was born. It was a bit of a bet”.

antiche-dimore-fiorentine-quelle-tre-1The brand, right from the start, stood out for its strong personality. “When we started, we did not have to think too much in order to find our own style … because this has been our style since forever!” Says Cecilia. The clothes we sell at Quelle Tre are the same we love to wear everyday. We did nothing more than opening our wardrobe to the public”. A choice that impressed a niche customer base, yet a highly cross one: “Our customers do not belong to a specific category. We dress women of all sizes, of all ages, and from all over the world: Northern Europe, New York, Japan, Australia. They are very different from one another in terms of features. But we always managed to please them all. If there is one trait that is common to all our customers, it is probably their commitment to style, detail and quality. They are all women with a strong personality, who like to look and feel good in their clothes. They have a sense of humor and they feel at ease with current times.

antiche-dimore-fiorentine-quelle-tre-5So, what is your process for tailoring a suit? “We take care of everything, according to the artisan tradition: we develop the idea and the design, then we manufacture samples to be sent to production. We only use high quality fabrics, from northern Italy, but also from France and England, says Cristiana. “We always did what we liked to do, we were never slaves of trends. A concept that we recently summarized in a book, which traces our career, and which accordingly is titled ’25 years of non-fashion ‘. We deny the term in order to re-discover its essence: in time the term fashion has lost its original meaning – which indicated a way of doing things – to become synonymous with homogenisation”.

antiche-dimore-fiorentine-quelle-tre-4In 2006 Quelle Tre moved from its headquarters in Via dei Pucci to Via di Santo Spirito, in Oltrarno, between the districts of Santo Spirito and San Frediano. “Once Via dei Pucci was a very lively street, there were a lot of young people, as it was close to the University area. Since they opened it to traffic, it has lost its character. For this reason we felt the need to find a different nest”, says Cecilia. “Here we feel at home. It is an ​​artisans area, where it is still possible to live and breathe Florence’s true essence. Curious? Take a trip to Quelle Tre, where modernity of style and craftsmanship’s tradition merge in the heart of Florence.

Quelle Tre is located in Florence, in Via Santo Spirito 42 red. At you can find more information, e-mail and telephone numbers to get in contact with Quelle Tre