Ask any Florentine who “Il Picchi” (or “i’PPicchi”, as it should be pronounced!) is, and you will certainly be told some interesting story, or some good recipe. In fact Fabio Picchi – a true cooking enthusiast, and a typical florentine histrionic character – is part of this city’s culinary tradition, thanks to his four creations: Cibreo Restaurant, Cibreino Trattoria, Caffè Cibreo and Teatro del Sale.

The Cibreo restaurant – his main business in the Sant’Ambrogio district, and a must-go for anyone who wishes to taste the traditional Florentine and Tuscan cuisine – started its activities in 1979, and is a true reference in Florence.

The latest arrival, the Teatro del Sale, surely deserves to be visited. A member card is required (the place is in fact a private club) and reservations are recommended, especially during weekends. The Teatro del Sale is a full experience, affecting both taste and spirit. Here are 10 good reasons to eat there:

  1. It is a cutting edge business, worthy of a city such as New York, but it is in Florence: what could be bolder and more interesting than mixing good food and art?
  2. the food is delicious, and plentiful. The chef is at his best, both when dealing with the typical Florentine / Tuscan cuisine, and when revisiting it in a creative way
  3. the atmosphere is relaxed, quiet, informal. Obviously this might also imply getting up and helping oneself at the buffet (there is no service), or standing in line in front of the kitchen… but is part of the game … and of the place’s appeal!
  4. The way dishes are announced, in typical tuscan dialect, is definitely peculiar: you might hear the chef or his young co-workers yell things like “è arrivaha la trippaaaa!” (“tripe is ready!”), or “un pohino di papa coippomodoro per voi!” (“some tomato soup for you!”).
  5. the buffet, ranging from starters to dessert, includes wine, water and coffee (yes, you got it right: no extra costs)
  6. starting from 09.30 pm, the place changes its features and, from a typical restaurant, becomes a classy theater: the wooden chairs are moved, the lights grow dim and the show begins
  7. it promotes different kinds of show, all of great quality: from jazz concerts to cabaret, from piano music to comic performances
  8. Maria CassiPicchi‘s wife and an astonishing comic actress (her grimaces will impress you!) – is the resident show-woman on stage. Watch her perform “My Life With Men And Other Animals”!
  9. at the entrance it is possible to buy Picchi’s recipes books, that will allow you to master at home the delicacies of the Florentine cuisine 
  10. it is a place well know by Florentines, but tourists are not usually aware of it… one more reason to go!

Intrigued? Start from here your exploration of the amazing world of Fabio Picchi and, if you like it, try Cibreo restaurant and Cibreino trattoria!

The Teatro del Sale is located in Florence, Via de ‘Macci 118, in front of the Cibreo restaurant and the café Cibreo. For reservations: (0039) 055 2001492.

At this address, you will find all information about Fabio Picchi and its activities.

If you wish to know more, do not hesitate to contact us, we can also help you with reservations 😉

Enjoy your meal!

Yours truly Farina de’ Cantucci