Dorsoduro 3821: venetian aperitivo in the heart of Florence

By |5 December, 2015|

The modern aperitivo tradition, originated in the north of Italy at the end of the eighteenth century, it is now widespread in all major Italian cities (and in many other parts of the world!). Long ago, even here in Florence, bars and bistro started arranging various menus, in order to offer their customers the typical pre-dinner drink (from a simple glass of wine to stronger drinks such as Negroni), accompanied by more or less generous snacks. […]

At Jazz Club, in Florence, music is live!

By |28 November, 2015|

All florentines who are fond of jazz, rock and music in general, know that the historical Jazz Club in Via Nuova de ‘Caccini 3 – located in the heart of the Sant’Ambrogio district, almost hidden behind the prestigious Teatro della Pergola – is a real must-go when it comes to live music in Florence.


David Fetta: king of the Florence nightlife

By |25 November, 2015|

My name is Fetta, David Fetta. Music is my life, the night is my natural habitat.
I rarely go out during the day; objects, places and people only seem to interest me when they are in the moonlight. My heart throbs in 4/4, 120 beats per minute, in sync with the records that I spin every night on my consolle.
When I’m not spicing up the party myself, I love to explore the city clubs, as I am constantly looking for the perfect beat.

Give […]

Bacco Nudo, quality bulk wine in Florence

By |21 November, 2015|

Whoever is in town and loves good wine, should stop at least once at Bacco Nudo, a small store selling wine, olive oil and local products, located in the Santa’Ambrogio district, in Via dei Macci 59 (red). Founded in 2005 thanks to Roberto Ermini (who still runs the place), the shop was among the first businesses to start the sale of bulk wine in Florence.


Brunello Della Rovere, wine expert in Florence

By |14 November, 2015|

Let me introduce myself: my name is Brunello, and this is no coincidence.
I love wine more than anything else, and I know its every little secret.
I do not mean to brag, but I am able to distinguish one Chianti from another also when I am blindfolded!
I am a regular guest at wine fairs, and when I need to fall asleep, instead of counting sheep, I recite Wine Spectator’s ratings.
When I […]

Please welcome our VIP guests!

By |12 November, 2015|

As we previously said, Antiche Dimore Florentine’s new blog is meant to offer useful suggestions for our guests, so that they can live from the inside the city that we love and know, more than any other: Florence.

Since we only want the best for you, our posts will be based on firsthand experience, but also supervised by real experts in the filed. Who are we talking about? Our VIP guests, […]

Welcome to our blog, all the best in Florence!

By |7 November, 2015|

A new website, a new life 🙂

So it’s official: today we are starting our blog, a space dedicated to our guests, to those who choose to stay in one of the residences belonging to Antiche Dimore Fiorentine, or to those who will in the future.

This blog is meant to be a useful space, a chance to suggest what to see and what to do in Florence, and how to best […]

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