Arà: è Sud, brings a bit of Sicily in Florence

By |13 May, 2018|

Here we are again giving you advice on what to do and what places to attend when you arrive in our beloved Florence. As much as the products of our land and culinary tradition are part of the city’s heritage, this time I want to take you somewhere a little different than usual, but just as good and special. Today I’ll show you a Sicilian Restaurant, perhaps the richest and […]

“Gucci Garden” put Made in Italy in fashion and in the Kitchen

By |19 April, 2018|

The place I bring you today is really amazing and is part of a unique project in the world: come with me, let’s go to the ” Gucci Garden “.  Who has already been to Florence in the past probably had a chance to visit the ” Gucci Museum “, located inside the prestigious Palazzo della Mercanzia, in Piazza Della Signoria, the most famous square of the city. Within this […]

Colle Bereto Cafè, where everyting is possible

By |29 March, 2018|

Today I take you to a special place, but a little different from what I usually present to you: it’s not a bar, not a restaurant, it’s not a club or just a place to drink something, but it’s all these things together and also much more. Come with me, let’s go to “Colle Bereto Cafe”.

We are at number 5 R of Piazza Strozzi in Florence, in the heart of […]

The Hard Rock heart of Florence

By |9 March, 2018|

This week I’ll take you to a very special place, a place that – I’m sure – all of you will love, especially if you are passionate about rock music, today I take you to the heart of Florence, in Piazza Della Repubblica where you find the Hard Rock Cafe.

Certainly a lot of you will know this name and may have already been to eat a burger in one of […]

Ferragamo Museum: the temple of elegance and florentine tradizion

By |27 January, 2018|

Continuing our tour among the beauties of Florence, today I want to bring you to a really beautiful place: here culture, art, fashion, tradition and beauty blend perfectly. Come with me, I’ll take you to the Ferragamo Museum. Anyone who knows our city knows the importance that has always had – and still has – the fashion industry and how many names, still of great success, among luxury brands 100 […]

A library and a vegan restaurant : welcome at Brac’s.

By |10 January, 2018|

Today we take you to a truly charming place, no sign of, only a glass door, but once you have crossed it, you will love it forever! Most of the people who hang out with him came through with word of mouth, but once they find him, they always get back. It is called Brac and is a bookshop, but also a restaurant, located in Via Dei Vaggellai 18 r, […]

Xmas time in Florence

By |13 December, 2017|

A few days away from Christmas and if you have chosen to take advantage of the holidays to visit Florence, know that even here – as probably in all the great Italian cities – the magical atmosphere extends from the first days of the month and continues until the beginning of January. Not only the streets of the city centre, but practically all of the city’s neighborhoods contribute to making […]

Christmas Markets in Florence

By |27 November, 2017|

It’s less than one month to Christmas day and which better opportunity to visit a city as beautiful as ours, even more this time of year. Between the warm and romantic atmosphere of this holiday, the decorations and lights that make it even more brilliant, the scents that come out from restaurants, all the gift ideas, we strongly recommend that you spend at least one weekend in Florence before the […]

C.BIO: good, italian and honest food has arrived in Florence

By |15 November, 2017|

We love our guests so much, and you know, that we love to pamper you, to take care of you, and we always try to give you good advice on where to go and what to do when you arrive in Florence. That’s why today I’ll bring you at C.BIO, a place recently opened, where your eyes, your soul and your taste buds will find their joy!

It’s not a butcher shop or a bakery, […]

The Mall: near Florence, the “pleasure island” for Fashion victims

By |30 October, 2017|

When you say fashion, you say Italy and therefore you also say Florence, which for over 40 years has been careful to fashion trends. Just think of the dates that every year, show us  the gotha of world designers on the catwalks of the Pitti Immagine, and that the around Florence there are a lot of textile industries, so that all the biggest international fashion companies have a lot of […]

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