Florence’s sweetness

By |26 September, 2018|

In our previous meetings I have always suggested where and what to eat during your stay in Florence, but this time I thought to suggest you a different place, but just as precious and special… especially for the sweet tooth! And if it is true that this term indicates that kind of person who never returns to tomorrow what he can eat today, then today is the perfect day to […]

“Bar & Cucina” introduce a little bit of New York in Florence

By |30 August, 2018|

Here I am again, advising you the best restaurants in Florence. This time I’ll bring you in Via de’ Neri, behind Piazza della Signoria square, where at the 12r more or less an year ago “Bar & Cucina” (Bar and Kitchen) has opened. This restaurant has a very particoular story, whose protagonists are two boys with many things in common, starting from their name: Matteo Boglione and Matteo Mechelli, both […]

Boboli’s Garden: beauty and art in the green

By |28 July, 2018|

Florence is a beautiful city of art, we know it, but its beauty is also given by the huge amount of green in which it is immersed. In the past I have already accompanied you for the most beautiful gardens in our city, but today I want to take you to the one I personally love the most. Come with me then, I’ll bring you to “Boboli’s Garden”.

In fact, inspired […]

Lungarno 23: beauty and tradition on your table

By |12 July, 2018|

Today I’ll bring to the discovery of a restaurant that, including location, food and efficiency of the staff, will make, even more memorable, your stay in Florence. It is called “Lungarno 23”, like its address and to describe it to you, I’ll begin right from its location, so central to allow you to dine a few metres from Ponte Vecchio, admiring perhaps the most suggestive point of the city, the […]

Amblè: a magic corner in Florence ‘s heart

By |29 June, 2018|

If you have been in Florence at least once in your life, you will certainly have crossed one of its most famous attractions around the world, Ponte Vecchio, isn’t it? But perhaps you didn’t notice a special and hidden place that is right there in two steps, so today I will be the one that make you discover what – I am sure of it – will become one of […]

Odeon Bistro brings a touch of Paris in Florence

By |29 May, 2018|

Hello friends, are you ready for a new unforgettable florentine experience?

Then come with me, I’ll bring you to a beauty and good restaurant named Odeon Bistro, located in the very elegant Piazza Strozzi, near Piazza della Repubblica and to the super fashion street, Via de’ Tornabuoni.

The Central location of this restaurant certainly helped it to be noticed since its opening by the florentines and the many tourists who visit the […]

Arà: è Sud, brings a bit of Sicily in Florence

By |13 May, 2018|

Here we are again giving you advice on what to do and what places to attend when you arrive in our beloved Florence. As much as the products of our land and culinary tradition are part of the city’s heritage, this time I want to take you somewhere a little different than usual, but just as good and special. Today I’ll show you a Sicilian Restaurant, perhaps the richest and […]

“Gucci Garden” put Made in Italy in fashion and in the Kitchen

By |19 April, 2018|

The place I bring you today is really amazing and is part of a unique project in the world: come with me, let’s go to the ” Gucci Garden “.  Who has already been to Florence in the past probably had a chance to visit the ” Gucci Museum “, located inside the prestigious Palazzo della Mercanzia, in Piazza Della Signoria, the most famous square of the city. Within this […]

Colle Bereto Cafè, where everyting is possible

By |29 March, 2018|

Today I take you to a special place, but a little different from what I usually present to you: it’s not a bar, not a restaurant, it’s not a club or just a place to drink something, but it’s all these things together and also much more. Come with me, let’s go to “Colle Bereto Cafe”.

We are at number 5 R of Piazza Strozzi in Florence, in the heart of […]

The Hard Rock heart of Florence

By |9 March, 2018|

This week I’ll take you to a very special place, a place that – I’m sure – all of you will love, especially if you are passionate about rock music, today I take you to the heart of Florence, in Piazza Della Repubblica where you find the Hard Rock Cafe.

Certainly a lot of you will know this name and may have already been to eat a burger in one of […]

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