lisa-corti-antiche-dimore-fiorentine-6If you already stayed at Antiche Dimore Florentine – or if you simply had a look at our photo gallery – you may have noticed that we pay much attention to colours. In fact, most of our rooms’ charm is due to fabrics designed by Lisa Corti.

lisa-corti-antiche-dimore-fiorentine-5The stylist began her activities in Milan, in the mid 70s, creating a house furniture fabrics brand and a women and children clothing brand. Since the early ’00s, the Lisa Corti brand also opened a big store in Via Lecco and two showrooms in Florence and Rome, thanks to the company founded by Angela Passigli, Annalisa Passigli and Paola Pescarolo. We had the opportunity to chat with the three owners, in their store in Florence.

“My partnership with Lisa originates from an intimate friendship” – Angela tells us – “that began years ago, when I was still living in Milan, running a publishing house with my husband. Even then I loved her creations, and I used to buy table cloths, curtains and other furnishing articles from her. When, years later, I quit the publishing business, Lisa asked me to start this adventure together. This way, we opened the first Lisa Corti showrooms outside of Milan: in Florence, at Ponte Vecchio, and in Rome, in via di Pallacorda, which then moved to Via dei Coronari “.

lisa-corti-antiche-dimore-fiorentine-13In 2007 the Florence store also moved to a larger space, located in Piazza Ghiberti 33 red, next to the historic Cibreo, in the heart of Sant’Ambrogio district. As soon as one cross the threshold, one is struck by a true colours explosion: cotton and muslin cloths, organdy tablecloths, cushions, curtains and bed covers range from bright tones to pastel shades. The floral patterns that decorate many of the items displayed, are the stylist’s trademark. Lisa Corti has always been inspired by Indian handicraft fabrics” – Annalisa says. Even today, her fabrics are manufactured in India, according to manual processes and using natural colours“.

lisa-corti-antiche-dimore-fiorentine-52If the furniture fabrics and the clothing brand by Lisa Corti are nowadays an established classic, the Florence store has recently introduced some new product. For instance, a colorful placemat handicrafted in Italy. “We began producing them by accident years ago, in Rome, during an exhibition” – Annalisa says. “Given the success, we decided to make a proper product out of it, and Lisa allowed us to use her drawings to decore them”. We also have an a original footwear brand – Paola reminds us – “realized together with Tania Ercoli: Ballet flats, ankle boots and sandals, for both winter and summer.

If you love beauty, it is worth getting lost for a few hours in this soft and colorful universe!

Lisa Corti Firenze is located in Piazza Ghiberti 33 red. On you can find more information on products for sale in the Florence and Rome stores.