All florentines who are fond of jazz, rock and music in general, know that the historical Jazz Club in Via Nuova de ‘Caccini 3 – located in the heart of the Sant’Ambrogio district, almost hidden behind the prestigious Teatro della Pergola – is a real must-go when it comes to live music in Florence.

The featureless entrance could somehow deceive you, but no fear: once you get in you will find an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, you will enjoy a wide range of drinks (both cocktails and selection of beers) and, above all, you will have the chance to experience great live music six days a week!

Describing the nature of the place, the “Jazz” label might almost be misleading. It is true that the best musicians of the Florence jazz scene have always gathered here to rock the stage with their fiery jam sessions. But it is also true that, within this club, the tendency to improvisation is not limited to a single musical genre being applied, as a matter of fact, to a most varied expressive range. On Tuesdays the club hosts the blues jam, followed on Wednesdays by the actual Jazz jam. On Thursdays the stage is set on fire by the Rock jam, while the evenings of Fridays and Saturdays are dedicated to bands and live gigs.

The jam session that takes place on Sundays – summarized by the moniker Yes, We Jam! – is worthy of mention. The initiative has gained unanimous praise since the beginning, in 2013, as it succeded in gathering a younger and across-the-board audience in the historical club, while involving at the same time distinguished guest artists from all over Italy. Thanks to florentine rapper Millelemmi, the Jazz Club on Sundays has become synonymous with crossbreeding, a fusion of hip-hop and jazz, acoustic instruments, samplers and turntables. The idea is to bring back the jam session formula into hip-hop, reconnecting the latter to its jazz roots.

In order to participate in the activities of the club, an annual member card is required. The card costs 6 euro and entitles the owner to a free drink; which, actually, makes up for the cost of the card itself! Once payed the annual fee, card owners can attend jam sessions and live gigs with no additional entrance fees. Do you really need other incentives?

The Jazz Club is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 22:00 to 05:00. This is the official facebook page of the club. If you wish to know more about it, come and visit me at Antiche Dimore Florentine: I will be happy to advise you!

Yours truly David Fetta.