My name is Farina, I come from the noble de’ Cantucci line. Even my aristocratic lineage reveal my infinite passion for food!

If you ever happened browsing the internet for food articles, you have probably red some of my reviews. I am a long time writer for the major Italian and international gastronomic portals and, if I may say so myself, I am one of the most followed food bloggers on the web. To cut a long story short: if you have any type of curiosity related to food, please consider me your point of reference!

I write about traditional and nouvelle cuisine, about greasy sausages and fine caviar, about vegan and gluten free, about raw food and vegetarian, about paleo and fodmap, documenting – and often anticipating – every fashion related to the topic.

Not to miss any of the latest trends, I attend all sorts of cooking class, and I love to share recipes and culinary ideas with a large amount of pictures :)

On the Blog of Antiche Dimore Florentine I will keep you constantly updated about food, recipes, and restaurants in Florence. I am sure that many of you will follow me … I will help you discover the best of Florence culinary culture, avoiding the usual tourist destinations, and leading you where real Florentines love to eat!

See you soon

yours truly Farina de’ Cantucci