Schiacciata (white flatbread pizza) certainly plays a leading role within the traditional Tuscan cuisine. For lunch or as a simple snack, alone or stuffed with cold cuts, cheese and vegetables, it represents a street food classic in Florence.

due-sorsi-1The so-called “schiacciaterie” are widespread in the city, and in most cases they offer high quality products. In the last couple of years, though, a little business a few steps away from the Accademia Gallery – halfway between the Duomo and the Sant’Ambrogio district – has proved its  value, thanks to the ability to prepare great food at affordable prices. We are talking about Due Sorsi e Un Boccone, a schiacciateria / crêperie / drink shop, run by Emiliano and Violeta, business partners and a couple in private life.

“I worked as a cook for 10 years,” Emiliano says , “but, honestly, I was never able to balance that career with my private life. My shifts lasted 15 hours a day, I was never at home … so, when Violeta told me she wanted to open a crêperie, I quit, became her working partner, and started baking schiacciata. Emiliano approached his new role with absolute commitment. At Due Sorsi e Un Boccone, actually, one can enjoy four different kinds of schiacciata: in addition to the classic olive oil and flour version, one can taste the multigrain flour version , the corn flour version and the nuts flour version.

As for stuffing, Emiliano only uses local meats and cheeses, and tries to stick to seasonal vegetables. Although, as he tells us, this is not always possible: “During this season I suggest turnips, or spinach. But many people, especially vegetarians, prefer zucchini and eggplants even if it’s winter. It goes without saying that I have to satisfy their demands. But everything is grilled or baked, no pickles. Even sauces are selected with care. They contain 90% of the main ingredient (mushrooms, artichokes, black olives and so on) and 10% of olive oil. Mayonnaise is forbidden!

due-sorsi-3Even though they pay so much attention to the quality, prices at Due Sorsi e Un Boccone  stay incredibly low if compared to the average. A generous portion of schiacciata, stuffed with 4 ingredients, only costs 3.90 euro! “We didn’t get rich since we started our business, that’s for sure” Emiliano says, “but we are not in it for the money. The quality of our lives has improved, we have more manageable schedules, and we just get what we need to live. That is why we are fully satisfied to offer a good quality product at low prices. Also, our clients are mainly students (the restaurant is located just a few steps from the University of Florence) and clerks that work in the area, we don’t rely on tourism”.

As for drinks, the same policy is applied. Only two qualities of wine are provided, a red one and a white one, that are sold at one euro per glass. Beer lovers can enjoy Teresainer, a handcrafted beer  from Trieste, a good compromise between good quality and low price.

due-sorsi-5But that is not the end of it. As mentioned above, Due Sorsi e Un Boccone  is also a crêperie. Every morning Violeta prepares  the crêpe dough in two versions, the classic one and the wheat flour one. She offers salty and sweet  crêpes at prices ranging from 2.50 to 3.50 euro. As evidence of the product’s quality, Violeta (who is French) tells us that even her fellow countrymen appreciated her crêpes: “The French tourists who came to eat here really enjoyed them. They even said they are better than french ones, due to the great variety of ingredients we offer!”.

After this interesting chat, we suggest you to grab something to eat (and maybe to drink too) at Emiliano‘s and Violeta‘s place, where you will find new theme proposals every week. Our choice, this week, is schiacciata filled with goat cheese, rocket, peppers and black olives sauce.

Due Sorsi e Un Boccone is located in Via degli Alfani 105 / r, 5 minutes on foot from our residences, and is open from Monday to Friday,  09:30 am to 05:00 pm. At this addresses you can find their website and facebook page.

Enjoy your meal!

Yours Farina de ‘Cantucci