dorsoduro-3821-5-antiche-dimore-fiorentineThe modern aperitivo tradition, originated in the north of Italy at the end of the eighteenth century, it is now widespread in all major Italian cities (and in many other parts of the world!). Long ago, even here in Florence, bars and bistro started arranging various menus, in order to offer their customers the typical pre-dinner drink (from a simple glass of wine to stronger drinks such as Negroni), accompanied by more or less generous snacks. In fact, our businesses follow this practice in terms of form, but are nevertheless very far from it with regard to the substance. As the Florentine Domitilla – which, together with the Venetian Andrea, opened spritz-bar Dorsoduro 3821 on October 29, 2015 – tells, “this experience stems from the desire to spread in Florence the aperitivo culture, the way it is meant in Venice, where we learned it. This means, first of all, being inclined to the possibility of a drink at any time of day, and not only before dinner. A glass of wine at lunch, for example, can be extremely pleasant even if, after that, one must return to work “.dorsoduro-3821-2-antiche-dimore-fiorentine

Determined to bring a little piece of Venice in the heart of Florence, Domitilla and Andrea chose to offer very specific products, using almost exclusively goods from northern Italy, and preparing them in accordance with methods of the Venetian tradition. As the spritz-bar definition reveals, their drink of choice is the Spritz, the undisputed king of the Venetian aperitivo. At Dorsoduro 3821 one can find this drink in 4 variants: the prosecco and the soda are mixed with various bitters, including the popular Aperol and Campari, the Select or even the Cinar, an artichoke-based bitter that is rarely associated with this type of drink. As Andrea explains, “the classic Venetian Spritz is based on Select, a local bitter with an alcohol content of 14%. Somewhere between the 11 degrees of Aperol and the 25 degrees of Campari, neither too sweet nor too dry. The Cinar variation, as a matter of fact, is our exclusive, and we noticed that among young people has enjoyed huge success. ”

According to the Venetian tradition, it is recommended to accompany the spritz with a good tramezzino sandwich. Sandwich that, at Dorsoduro 3821, will pleasantly surprise you, especially if you are used to the Florentine definition of tramezzino. Given the abundance of the filling, in fact, the sandwiches offered by Andrea and Domitilla have the typical “bell” shape, that might look familiar to anyone who hung out at the Venice bars. “We prepare fresh tramezzini every morning – tells Domitilla – using a tuna and mayonnaise or ham filling, according to the tradition. We offer about six types of sandwich filling, including asparagus and egg, salt cod, and vegetarian options.” dorsoduro-3821-3-antiche-dimore-fiorentinedorsoduro-3821-4-antiche-dimore-fiorentine

In addition to sandwiches, though, one can accompany the aperitivo with platters of cold cuts, cheeses and mustards, soups or croutons. The products are all strictly Venetian, except some ham qualities (processed with herbs by the Valle d’Aosta-based Saint Marcel company) and marinated vegetables, produced by a company from Puglia. The decision to rely primarily on suppliers from northern Italy also involves the selection of spirits. At Dorsoduro 3821 you will find a variety of white, rosé and red wines, ranging from Friuli to Veneto, from Piemonte to Valdaosta, up to Alto Adige. Once again, the goal is to select the products with care, favouring those goods that are seldom found in Tuscany. The beer offered by Domitilla and Andrea, for example, is Cimbra, a pils with an alcohol content of 5.2, which is an absolute exclusive for Tuscany. The liquors are mainly represented by selected grappas from Valle d’Aosta, or by Genepì, made from an aromatic plant growing in the Western Alps.

If one adds the warm and informal atmosphere, and the opportunity to enjoy delicious homemade cakes, it goes without saying that this site will prove to be a cozy retreat. A place where one can stop at any time of the day, in order to drink or eat something. Dorsoduro 3821 is located in Florence, Via San Gallo 41 / r, at walking distance from our residences. At this link you will find the official facebook page of the bar.

Yours truly Brunello Della Rovere