My name is Donald Rump, but don’t be fooled by rhyme, because I am not involved in politics! Business is the field in which I measure my skills every day and, if I can say so myself, I am the best at what I do!

My business instinct is legendary, and made me a well-known and respected character, in all the world’s famous financial centers: from Wall Street to the City of London, from Hong Kong to Taiwan, the best brokers follow my moves.

My mission? Export to the world the craft tradition of my beloved Florence! I am in direct contact with the leaders of Made in Florence, I take care of their financial interests and I sell their products on the foreign market. From leather to precious stones, from antiques to essences, there is no matter I have not dealt with at least once. That is why I know the Florentine tradition so well. Although I am always very busy, I’ll find the time to let you discover what there is to know about it. On the Blog of Antiche Dimore Fiorentine I will constantly keep you updated about handicraft and made in Florence!

Get ready for my video, which will be released tomorrow on Antiche Dimore Fiorentine’s website!

Donald Rump