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A DJ praised at global level and a prominent celebrity in the international jet set: nowadays David Fetta is the undisputed guru of the house scene. When night calls, David Fetta answers! --- DJ acclamato in ogni angolo del globo e volto noto del jet set internazionale: David Fetta è oggi il guru incontrastato del panorama house. Quando la notte chiama, David Fetta risponde!
23 07, 2016

10 aperitivo bars you have to try in Florence

By |23 July, 2016|Categories: Clubbing and Nightlife, Wine Tasting and Production|

The tradition of modern Italian aperitivo originated in Turin in 1786, when vermouth (aromatized, fortified wine flavored with various botanicals) was invented. During the nineteenth century the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages before meals, in order to stimulate the appetite, quickly spread throughout Italy. Florence played a role in the aperitivo history too: the Negroni cocktail (⅓ of Gin + ⅓ of bitter Campari + ⅓ of sweet red vermouth + 1 slice of orange), which over the years has become one of the most popular pre-meal drink, was invented here in 1919. The aperitivo tradition is still very much in vogue in town, and bars and bistro arrange various menus, in order to offer their customers the typical pre-dinner drink, sided by more or less generous snacks. A cold beer, a glass of wine, spirits or cocktails: the options for an aperitivo are many. Follow us and discover 10 aperitivo bars you have to try in Florence. […]

10 05, 2016

Pop Café: a view on Piazza Santo Spirito

By |10 May, 2016|Categories: Clubbing and Nightlife, Food, Restaurants, Recipes|

A gastronomic and recreational centre in Oltrarno, the Santo Spirito district is a major nightlife meeting point in Florence. Over the past decade, the entrepreneur Jacopo D’albasio stood out as one of the most active promoters of cultural activities in the area. Founder of the Piazzart association in 2005, D’Albasio currently manages three businesses that shaped the history of Piazza Santo Spirito: Pop Café, Caffè Notte and trattoria Il Chicco di Caffè, also known as La Lola. […]

8 04, 2016

The Box cocktail bar: only fruit makes a good cocktail!

By |8 April, 2016|Categories: Clubbing and Nightlife|

The Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood is the core of Florence nightlife. In the last couple of years years, The Box has added to the list of bars in the area , and quickly become a favorite destination for those who like to drink well. This small cocktail bar and brewery was started in August 2014 by Fabrizio Bargelli, and is located in Borgo Pinti 5 red. Although it has no sign, the place is easily recognizable thanks to the crowds that gather every evening in front of the entrance. In fact, the crushed fruit cocktails launched by Fabrizio have proved an astounding success. […]

28 11, 2015

At Jazz Club, in Florence, music is live!

By |28 November, 2015|Categories: Clubbing and Nightlife|

All florentines who are fond of jazz, rock and music in general, know that the historical Jazz Club in Via Nuova de ‘Caccini 3 – located in the heart of the Sant’Ambrogio district, almost hidden behind the prestigious Teatro della Pergola – is a real must-go when it comes to live music in Florence.


25 11, 2015

David Fetta: king of the Florence nightlife

By |25 November, 2015|Categories: Clubbing and Nightlife|

My name is Fetta, David Fetta. Music is my life, the night is my natural habitat.
I rarely go out during the day; objects, places and people only seem to interest me when they are in the moonlight. My heart throbs in 4/4, 120 beats per minute, in sync with the records that I spin every night on my consolle.
When I’m not spicing up the party myself, I love to explore the city clubs, as I am constantly looking for the perfect beat.

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