antico-noé-2Summer is coming, and Florence is brighter than ever. These days, a stroll in the city streets is such an enjoyable experience; one would never want to stop, not even for a lunch break. What better chance, then, to experience the delights of street food? If you ever happen to get hungry in the neighborhood of Sant’Ambrogio, you should definitely stop and have a sandwich at Antico Noè.

antico-noè-3Active since 1945, this small wine/food shop is located under the San Piero archway, at number 6 red. Much appreciated, both by Florentines and by those coming from abroad, Antico Noè starts its activities at lunch time. Behind the marble counter, fragrant bread loaves are heated relentlessly on the grill, in order to be filled with all sorts of delicacies: vegetables, sauces, meats and cheeses, always fresh and delicious.

The combinations of ingredients are virtually countless but, while waiting for one’s turn, there is plenty of time to look at the menu posted at the entrance and clear one’s mind. Prices vary from 4 to 5 euros per sandwich; with 1.50 euro more, you can have a good glass of red wine. The recipes are all delicious, but we would go for the classic Antico Noè choice: the roast beef sandwich with roasted tomatoes and rocket sauce. We assure you that you will enjoy every single bite, and that you will even lick your fingers! You can eat your sandwich standing in the street, or take advantage of the tables on the outside.

antico-noè-4Those who prefer to sit and eat a more substantial meal, may instead choose the Osteria Antico Noè, located just next to the sandwiches shop, at number 8 red. Here the menu vary from 10 to 15 euros per dish. It includes an excellent selection of wines, and typical Tuscan dishes: grilled steak; tripe; soups; fresh homemade pasta with meat or vegetable sauces; mushrooms and vegetables of all kinds. Food is served on paper place mats, in a rustic and informal atmosphere. But the food quality is unquestionable. Should you need some advice, we would suggest the fresh noodles carbonara with artichokes: a truly delicious recipe, also suitable for vegetarians.

Have already tasted the Antico Noè sandwiches? Which is your favorite?

Antico Noè is located under the San Piero archway, at number 6/8 red, and is open from Saturday to Thursday, from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm. For reservations: +39 055 2340838.