If you have been in Florence at least once in your life, you will certainly have crossed one of its most famous attractions around the world, Ponte Vecchio, isn’t it? But perhaps you didn’t notice a special and hidden place that is right there in two steps, so today I will be the one that make you discover what – I am sure of it – will become one of your heart places in town, “Amblè, fresh food and old furniture”.

As I explained to you we are just a few metres from the famous and prestigious bridge across the city, in a alley of Lungarno Acciaiuoli, for accuracy in Piazzetta dei Del Bene, where “Amblè” is. Let’s start from its name, a term that in French is used in horse riding to make the horse change the pace, from fast to slow, in perfect style with what gravity around the club, passing by the confusion of the centre and by the thousands of people who cross the centre, with a small detour, we find ourselves in this little square protected by the historic buildings surrounding it and preserving this magical place.

Here you will eat the most good and special sandwiches of your entire life, all with exclusively Italian ingredients and Zero Km, and you could have some excellent alcohol drinks and not , but also coffee, tea and teas accompanied by fresh and delicious desserts. All of this takes place in a very stylish space, at the same time, welcoming, conceived as to host you as you were in the living room of some friend’s house, with the additional peculiarity – eating – of being able to buy the accessories exposed and on which you will probably sit down on or you’ll be drinking from. In fact, tables, chairs, sofas and stools, as well as paintings, crockery and the rest of the objects, coming from modern and antique markets throughout Europe, are for sale and frame to the true protagonist of this bistro: sandwiches!

Although in the imagination of many of you a sandwich may look like a simple meal, the menu of Amblè is so rich and high quality to allow every customer to choose according to their tastes, needs and choices of life: 5 cereals bred, white one or integral, dry meat, Prague ham, but also salmon, amazing cheeses and so many interesting combinations with seasonal vegetables from Tuscan territory. Sandwiches here are prepared at the moment by the wise hands and according to the creative inspiration of chefs Lorenzo and Fabrizio who every day invent and create something new for their customers. Perfect for lunch, but also for a snack, or a dinner in one of the most romantic and suggestive cities in the world, they’re organized also for delivery, take away, parties and picnic, always respecting earth and using recyclable materials, packaging absolutely eco-friendly, and riding only bicycles for delivery (only in centre).

Amblè’s menu is not vegan, neither vegetarian nor organic, “but we embrace all that when possible and believe in the contribution we can give to our planet.” The moment I love the most to come here at ‘Amble’s is the aperitif, maybe because their Amblè’ s Spritz (based on carrots) is one of the best cocktail I have ever tasted and it’s perfect with the peculiarities of their sandwiches, and of toasted bread (using the edges of sandwich bread) with the humus sauce that they offer to their customers.

Amblè is a chic and stylish place, but also relaxing and then so pleasantly intimate and reserved, thought in all its cutting, using a high quality of products. As they say, “our priority is to know the producer, before we rely only on certification, working with small companies in the territory”, and precisely from this principle also comes the choice of the Flamingo as a logo of the club. In fact, perhaps not everyone knows that the flamingo is of pink color thanks to the shrimp they feed on, that’s why the flamingo represents so much of amblè’s lifestyle: ” we are what we eat, and what we eat determines how we live.”

For Brunch lovers, on sunday Amblè offers a unique dish with seasonal vegetables paired with a soup, contour and dessert at the price of about 15 €. The staff are very friendly and helpful, location is amazing, cocktail are great and sanwiches are phenomenal, do I really have to add something else to convince you?!?!