La corte vista dal bar. (Foto Anna Positano)Today we take you to a truly charming place, no sign of, only a glass door, but once you have crossed it, you will love it forever! Most of the people who hang out with him came through with word of mouth, but once they find him, they always get back. It is called Brac and is a bookshop, but also a restaurant, located in Via Dei Vaggellai 18 r, just behind Santa Croce Square, practically one of the least trafficked streets of the one of Florence’s most beautiful squares. This is a special space in which art and food meet themselves, forming a perfect combination, born from the beautiful principle of feeding on art and food.

scorcio-del-cortilettoThe Brac Library since 2009 is a destination for lovers of vegan cuisine and contemporary art, the passions that Sacha and Melisa, the owners, wanted to send to their shop. He is an imaginative chef specializing in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, she is a bibliophile loving art, theatre, cinema… so much to gather inside their library, prestigious collections on contemporary arts. The area of the Brac Library is very pleasant, thanks to a friendly and prepared staff that will accompany you in the two rooms, and also show you the small and lovely inner courtyard, a real treat of the club, where you can also park your bike.

brac-dessertThe Brac opens in the morning and already from that time it will be possible to stay sitting at the tables between the shelves and books, to sip coffee, tea or a centrifuge; or at brunch time to enjoy french toast, pancakes and apple fritters or a snack with tea and a piece of cake. At lunch and dinner the menu is fully entrusted to the skilful hands of Sasha, whose cuisine is based on absolutely organic products and from our beloved Tuscany, so the dishes that are linked to the products of the season are presented as an explosion of taste and colors. brac_03Vegetarian Lasagna, tortelloni of ginger potatoes, the divine pasta with pesto and curry, the pumpkin oven with peanut cream, or some ravioli with gorgonzola cheese and potatoes presented with a pumpkin cream… must I continue? Well, you shouldn’t miss the 100% vegan dishes based on seitan and tofu: not only good cooking, but also abundant and at good prices, if not even moderate. In this respect, the idea of tris dish is a great deal: with only 15 euro you can choose in an unique dish, three specialities among all the various one prepared by the chef with its fresh and rich sauces, and all kinds of vegetable. Great space is given to Carasau bread prepared in a variety of ways and also to the excellent selection of organic wines.

brac_04Not only food, but also art: in fact, there are many initiatives from here as the ” Brac’s on the table” that takes place every month and presents on tables 30 works of artist and two important reviews: ” Scripta. The Art of words ” and ” Scriptures of light “, but for more info you can visit the website

Due to its great success in the city, we recommend you to book your table at the Brac Library a few days before taking into account that it is open from Monday to Saturday from 12 to 24, and on Sunday from 12 to 20.