adf_lightsA few days away from Christmas and if you have chosen to take advantage of the holidays to visit Florence, know that even here – as probably in all the great Italian cities – the magical atmosphere extends from the first days of the month and continues until the beginning of January. Not only the streets of the city centre, but practically all of the city’s neighborhoods contribute to making it even more attractive, more intimate and romantic, with shop windows fully lit with warm Christmas lights.

adf_nataleAs the tradition wants, it is on the day of the Immaculate Conception, on 8th  December – according to the Catholic church that of the conception of the Madonna – that Christmas Tree are made, and in Florence is also lit the big tree of Piazza Del Duomo, in  the presence of the mayor and of all the citizens who come to this ceremony every year. Always according to tradition, and always in Piazza Duomo, throughout the period of Christmas you can admire the Nativity Scene of Santa Maria Del Fiore, depicting the nativity of natural grandeur through the beautiful and valued terracotta statues of the nearby area Impruneta. adf_presepeUntil 6th  January, thousands of tourists come to admire and photograph this wonderful work on the square of the cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore. And by the way, always on the day of the epiphany of every year, the Florentine tradition puts on the “ride of the magi”, that is the journey they made to deliver their gifts: truly a beautiful costume reenactment that involves people from all the world and you should definitely see yourself, at least once in your life.

adf_signoria_fireIf you haven’t made any plans for New year’s Eve, please know that the municipality of Florence organizes several concerts in the most spacious squares and features of the city, hosting international artists and offering the public a firework display. But what better opportunity than Christmas and season holidays to visit all the artistic beauties of the city, so take advantage of the many museums, but avoid the days of 25th  December and 1st  January, where they will be closed. Despite the holidays you can still walk through the streets of our city closed to traffic for the occasion, and perhaps take advantage of free shuttle buses that allow the Florentine and all the tourists to reach the most central streets, breathing this almost magical climate ..

adf_pomtevecchio_rosaAlso the show that every year, at Ponte Vecchio, is produced with light games that colour it blue, pink and green and create a wonderful and spectacular optical effect that will fill your eyes (and your social profiles). But in addition to the lights that are reflected in the monuments and tracks left by the Renaissance, Florence is filled with beautiful and very important Churches that – never as in December – organize masses, choirs, Christmas Carols to which you should absolutely take part if you are in City. And from the sacred to the profane: make shopping! Of course, because every moment is good to do it, especially if you are in front of workshops like those that make Florence famous in the world! And between a walk and the other for our beautiful area, perhaps you could stop eating in a “Trattoria” in the centre to taste Tuscan specialities or, if you don’t want to exaggerate in a time already enough, you could at least follow the unmistakable smell of roasted chestnuts, maybe on a cold and rainy day, we’ll make a casserole between the alleys of the center.

adf_skatingAnd if you abhorred from eating food, could you also indulge in some sport, on the other hand, what’s more beautiful than Christmas on an ice rink? The city offers two points where you can have fun with your friends or your children: the Parterre skating rink or at the Obihall where until 26th  February 2018 a winter park will be opened and where you can enjoy with snow tubing and a ski slope.

Marry Xmas everyone and Happy New Year from all of us!