logo-vivo-fondo-traspMeat is surely one of the specialties of our city’s cuisine, so much to call all over the world “Fiorentina” the best of the steaks. But in Florence you can also eat excellent fish, and that’s why today I’ll take you to one of the best restaurants on the square, so let’s go at “Vivo”’s (that in italian means “alive”).

Those of you who has been ones in the beautiful Argentario Coast will already know this place for the excellent cuisine and the very high quality of the fish that it has served for years in its namesake restaurant, so much to open one more shop in Florence, choosing the characteristic neighborhood of Sant Ambrogio, an increasingly popular destination for gourmets and real food lovers.

blog_adf_ristorante_vivo_02When you enter at “Vivo’s” the sea environment, a huge counter in the shape of a boat and the beautiful in-sight-kitchen will make you realize that fish here is the only protagonist. On the other hand, this restaurant owns to the Manno’s family, entrepreneurs in fishing since four generations, since in the early 70s they began to work on the wholesale fish, and then Maurizio Manno, accessing to the food service industry created “Vivo” first by the sea in the 2013, and then in Florence since last year.

blog_adf_ristorante_vivo_01In this bright, spacious and welcoming place, with a perfect décor that evokes the modern markets, a fresh catch is proposed every day in the menus and the offer varies day-to-day according to the fishermen’s cooperative of the Argentario Coast. Starting from raw fish to the tradition’s recipes, passing also through appetizers, shellfish, pasta, tartare and sea soup, Vivo’s kitchen finds its strength in the relationship between  price and quality, offering to the florentine customers always new proposals, but always at fixed and highly competitive prices: hors d ‘ appetizers cost 8 euros, first dishes 9, fishes to 10, and tartare and “carpaccio” from up to 6 euros, contrary to the cliché of all other fish restaurants that put themselves on airs. blog_adf_ristorante_vivo_04

“Vivo’s” climate is very informal, with a fast but never abrupt service, they give particular attention to the client and they absolute respect the raw material, and in this regard – believe me – you absolutely must try the raws, perhaps a little bit more expensive than the rest of the menu, but absolutely proportional to the outstanding quality and – not to be underestimated – to the enormous possibility of choosing between the most unavailable oysters and all kinds of shellfish that exist in nature. In one word, essential. blog_adf_ristorante_vivo_05

And for those who, unfortunately, don’t like raw food, you should try “Vivo’s” mixed fry: an abundant portion of wonderful squid, shrimp, “bianchetti” fish, and delicious nuggets with seaweed.

The Wine Card, as it is easy to imagine, is most of all rich of white bottles, with all kinds of varieties and labels, always at a commensurate price between quality and prestige.

As you can see our today’s proposal is a slightly different from the usual, but I’m sure once you’ve tried it, you won’t be looking forward to coming back to try all the new delicious meals, completely dictated by what our “Alive” sea, offers us every day.


Vivo is located in Largo Annigoni 9 A/B, we suggest you to book a table through their website www.ristorantevivo.it