May has just started and it’s maybe the perfect month to visit Florence, the city of art for excellence, “The cradle of the Renaissance”, as always is defined, in addition to the Duomo, Churches or architectural works that you will meet every step among the street of the center of the city, dozens of priceless masterpieces are kept inside all the museums which make our city famous all over the world. In fact, if it’s true that it is possible to admire in every moment of the year some of the most precious works of history of art that can be found in muesums of Florence, it is equally true that our beloved Tuscan Capital welcomes travelling exhibitions of artists most modern or contemporary.

blog_adf_bill_viola_palazzo_strozzi_04This is the case of the exposure that, from last March 10 until next July 23th, takes place at Palazzo Strozzi titled “Bill Viola, electronic Renaissance”, a journey of artistic American Painter, born in 1951, who in 1974, right in Florence, began the creative experience that has been influencing his whole career. The Artist and our cities are always in perfect harmony, starting from his last name Viola that represents Florence’s symbol color. When Bill moved from America in Italy, he was only 23 years old and up to 25 he remained here, where he was nicknamed “the American technician”. Having exposed among the most prestigious museums in the world, like the Moma or the Withney Museum of American Art in his native town New York, the J. Paul Getty Museum of Los Angeles, in Tokyo as well as at the Paris’s Operà, or at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, the contemporary artist, once again, comes back in our country, by choosing this time Florence, to which it is still tied. blog_adf_bill_viola_palazzo_strozzi_07And it is precisely in the renaissance frame of the historic palace of Piazza Strozzi that, thanks to his awesome works, Bill Viola creates a new meeting among his masterpieces and those of the masters of the past that trongly have been influencing him, when he – number One in the field of art – moved to Florence creating a dialogue between ancient and contemporary. “The review is a unique event to retrace the career of the undisputed master of contemporary art, marked by the union between technological research and reflection aesthetics, from the first experiments with the video in the 70 s up to large installations of two thousand years that capture the Attention to the public with strong sensory experiences ” explains the curator of the exhibition Arturo Galansino, who also plays the role of director of the foundation Strozzi Palace.

blog_adf_bill_viola_palazzo_strozzi_03Starting his career in the role of technical director of the centre of production and documentation of the video at the Uffizi Gallery, passing through the great museums of the Duomo and the Santa Maria Novella’s one, Bill has learned how to unite history and art. With its video- installations, the American artist is considered as one of the most important among the contemporaries, and proposes to the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in space, image and sound. People with their bodies and their faces are the protagonists of Viola’s works of: ” man is called to interact with water and fire, light and dark, the cycle of life and that of the rebirth “.

” The crossing “, ” The path ” and ” Inverted birth “ are just a few of his most important video works, for example in the last one, the artist has sudden inspiration from life and death, and was able to get them talking and Turning around and the awakening of the body and the soul passes through five stages: “from earth to the blood, from milk to the water and finally in the air”.

blog_adf_bill_viola_palazzo_strozzi_06If you consider that – on the occasion of the exhibition – Strozzi Palace has created a special collaboration with the great museum of the duomo. These two renowned museums of Florence have thought of a special ticket which will allow to the visitor of Bill’Viola’s exhibition, to enter also to the San Giovanni baptistery and the Opera Del Duomo’s museum where, exceptionally, you’ll see two videos “Observance” (2002 ) and “Acceptance” (2008). So there you’ll realize that I’m talking to you a must live experience when you’ll visit in our city.

For more information please see the website, and for the new purchases of tickets, you can also ask at the reception of our Antiche Dimore Fiorentine.