Every time a new client comes to us – no matter if it’s his first check-in at Antiche Dimore Fiorentine or not, from which part of the world he cames from, no matter what religion, age or culture he is – the first thing that he asks is for some good advice on where and how to spend time during his stay in Florence. Starting from the requirement that our guestes have once in Florence, right from here was born the idea of this blog who loves to advise them of the best restaurants, club, shops and museum to visit in Florence. Since we want only the best for our customers, we have chosen 6 people who can to do by Cicero for you among the lanes of the city and the beauty that reigns in town. They are 6 characters, all very famous, we call them our VIP guests, they’re born from our fantasy, even they are very similar to someone else. Let’s meet them together.

sommelierThe first one is a winemaker, sommelier, consultant of the major Tuscan wineries, his name is Brunello Della Rovere and thanks to its legendary nostrils, he will suggest you what to drink and where, while you will be in Florence. Whereas for Brunello, wine is not just a passion, but something to wor with, and as gods nectar it doesn’t hide secrets. Every time he stays in our homes, Brunello grant from the honesty bar – as you could do too – a glass of good wine. On the other hand, thanks to its ability to dissect the smells in the smallest details, he could easily pick out the organoleptic properties of any alcoholic beverage. He knows the best wines and he can show you where to find them in Florence, and with that name it couldn’t be different.

johlea-Farina-de'-CantucciSpeaking of wine and drinking, Brunello is the best one, but if we speak about food, ask for Farina De ‘ Cantucci, our foodblogger. If you want the traditional Tuscan cuisine, or if you prefere the gourmet one,  or the Asian or the exotic cook, talking about eating Farina will give you some great advice to spend in Florence. From best chef to the tipical Lampredotto street food, from the most chic restaurant to the Chianina cheeseburger, passing through pizza and truffle sandwich, Florence is so full of great bars and restaurants where you can eat very well and Farina will select them for you. By the way, on the inside of our structures, you can meet her early in the morning when breakfast is served enjoying gluten free products.

philippe braverioBut Florence is above all a city of art, and to fully breathe it you can visit one of the 50 museum of the city or just walk in the center among all the masterpieces of history of Arts. Let us introduce you Professor Philippe Braverio, the expert who will give you tips and advice on what to see and where, and he will teach you how to walk near the works of Giotto, or Brunelleschi’s Dome, Michelangelo’s David, the Santa Croce Cathedral or those statues at the the  Lanzi ‘s Lodge. Philippe is not only a well-known critic, journalist and university teacher, but first of all an important personality of reference in Art’s world that shows a visceral passion for all that is good, enough of the ecstatic bodily crisis, in comparison with which the Stendhal syndrome seems boring!

appartamenti-Donald-RumpAnd now it’s Donald Rump turn. His name evokes certainly the businessman, and President  of the United States, but he’s not. They have in common only the business sense: in fact wherever there is the possibility of an investment, Donald Rump is there. You could meet him in the corridors of the Antiche Dimore Fiorentine while he’s drinking his coffee and writing a dozen of  emails, having phone calls and while he’s checking the performance of the world economy on his i-Pad. He’s interested in the companies that make great the Tuscan territory: from Old Bridge’s jewelers to the leather’s artisans, its network of business in town has no end.

wintourBut Florence is also one of the capital of fashion, that’s why you can rely on to Miranda Gristly shopping advices, designer and indisputable trend setter, one of the biggest influencer in this area. She will show you the most exclusive boutiques in the city, maybe from the terrace of the Antiche Dimore where, in front of the Duomo, she will be drawing one of his sketches.

djAnd finally, the night is still young in Florence and David Fetta can prove it. Acclaimed artist in every corner of the planet and famous name of the international jet set. With his sunglasses on, holding a cocktail and embraced to one of his fans, during the day David is off and sleeps at Antiche Dimore Fiorentine where he can recover energy for the night, since he’s the King. For an after dinnerdrink, for live music, to know the hot spots, contact him. On the other hand – as he says himself – ” when the night calls, David Fetta answers!” but where to find all these tips?

Here,  on the Antiche Dimore Fiorentine’s blog.