IMG_8618Since the first time that you came to our B&B, you’ve been overwhelmed by a wonderful smell, is it true? Following the trail of that parfume you should have met a very precious bottle. Looking good at this you should have read “Dr. Vranjes Florence” on an unmistakable tag.

paolovrajnes_04Pharmacist, chemical and beautician, following his passion born when he was a boy, Paolo Vranjes has founded his ancient officine in 1983 in Florence: The culture of perfumes was literally infused in me. My grandfather was a silk trader with a passion for essences, and as a child I would watch him in the room where he kept his collection of perfumes which he searched for on his travels around the world.  It was here that young Paolo used to imagine the provenance of those essences and for the first time he understood than mixing them he could do magic.

His passion was born in Florence but during his carreer he has opened bran stores also in Milan, Rome, Venice, Forte dei Marmi and Tokyo,  with a great net of distributor in more than 60 countries and places as Harrods in London and Tsum in Moscow, all bringing up and further and further, handicraft and florentine industry all over the world.

immagine265Dr. Vranjes’s Oils, essences and parfumes started few, just from a few steps away from the Antiche Dimore Fiorentine. As the matter of fact, more than 20 years ago, Dr. Vranjes’s first flagship store was born in Via San Gallo 63 in Florence. It was the first temple in which it was possible to find that awesome artifact of virtue that, not only through the sense of smell, but using all 5 Senses, goes to the heart of his clients.

San Gallo’s store is 21 years old, and after that, two more stores were opened in the same city. Leaving Antiche Dimore Fiorentine we suggest you to have a walk just in the area and to go to the nearest Dr. Vranjes shop: when you’ll get in  you’ll be enchanted by their exciting smell and by their beauty. Just like a kid in a toy store, in front of those noble perfumes so luxurious and powerful, believe me, you’ll want them all.

antica-officina-del-farmacista-drvranjes-firenze_69251_bigTalking to the staff of the store, they make me point out that those glass bottles, so tipical of the florentine brand “are inspired by the dome of the Duomo of Brunelleschi, symbol of the Tuscan City, they are a tribute to our city.”  But on the other hand, it was the pharmacist to admit that Florence – home of the tradition of distillation of essences – is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and art for his creations. In addition to the memories in the shop of his grandfather, Dr. Vranjes has been also inspired to the refined Caterina de ‘ Medici. Already in 1500 the florentine Queen, married with Henry of France. used to hold a scented pomegranate to her nose, and this went on to be known as a pomander, a precious sphere within which were enclosed fragrant herbs and scented ointments designed to make social encounters more pleasant.

1432588452_dr-vranjes-firenze-soft-plus-920x574Going to the shop in Via San Gallo you will encounter in the tradition born in Florence during the Renaissance and even today, also thanks to the work of Paolo Vranjes.

After years of innovation and research, its creations are not only the famous diffusers, but it also includes refined perfumes for the underwear, elegant candles, an excellent cosmetic line with products for the bath and for the body, perfumes for the person and, even, for the car.  Precious memories that you can bring with you at home after your wonderful stay in Florence.


Dr.Vranjes stores in Florence are in Via San Gallo 63, in Via della Spada 9/R and in Borgo la Croce 44 R or visit their website.