Valentine’s day is coming as the possibility to enjoy some romantic time with your partner, and which best occasion for you to visit Florence? The City is perfect for this recurrence: art, food, or shopping, the important thing is love. That’s why all our Vip guests together , waiting for 14 February 2017, draw up a list of tips for you, selecting the 5 things to do on Valentine’s day in Florence.

1)klimtexperience Our’s is THE city of art for excellence, in every corner here you can stumble in beauty and in whole chapters of history of arts and in monuments, buildings and the statues present in all the city guide, that’s why, for this special occasion of Valentine’s day, we suggest you to live the “Klimt Experience“. As the matter of fact, this is not an usual exhibition, but an experience, represented at the Santo Stefano al Ponte Auditorium untill April 2nd. Here you can see more than 700 works of the Austrian Painter in a very high resolution form images and projected with a sophisticated system that allows to the visitors to dive completely themselves in Klimt’s masterpieces. Among his most important painting of course you’ll see “The Kiss“, probably the most famous of all, and in perfect style with Valentine’s day we hope that it can ispirate even the coldest lovers. For info on times and prices of the exhibition look here

2) procacci_2For lunch time we suggest you something light and, at the same time, unforgettable: so go to Procacci, in via de ‘ Tornabuoni, in the heart of the city. Walking among the most exclusive shops of the centre, Procacci is not just a deli, but also an institution for all the florentines, so much that in 1925 it has received the royal arms from King Victor Emmanuel III. For over 130 years Procacci shop has been famous for its specialities with truffle as those in their lovely sandwiches, but also in the versions with foie gras, or those with anchovies and butter, or with salmon, those with the brie cheese inside or with Caramelized onions. If you want to match a glass, or a bottle, of wine with these real delights, you can choose between the best wineries on the market. As all the people in Florence know, Procacci is a wine and delicious food boutique in a casual environment, but at the same time very sophisticated. ¬†This is so true, believe us, even if light, it will be an unforgettable lunch and will breach on your Beloved, and … did you already know that truffles are aphrodisiac, isn’t it? ūüėČ

3) Blog_adf_loretta_caponiAfter Procacci gourmet shop further on, still in the same street, via de’ Tornabuoni, you will find the perfect store for a couple who is going to celebrate Valentine’s day: what’s better time of the day of lovers to treat yourself to something very seductive, like Loretta Caponi‘s underwear? The Caponi creations filled the closets and the homes of families and celebrities like¬† Rockefellers,¬† Kennedy, Jane Fonda, Sting and Madonna, and anyone in Florence knows this historic store that, in addition to linens, pillows and towels, offers dozens of models of sartorial and man & woman underwear productions. And if the ladies here could choose between chic and sexy laces, even boys will have wide choice to improve their look in bedrooms. By the way Loretta Caponi boutique is also online so you can buy her creations also when you’ll be back home, to continue to ignite the passion.

4) Ponte_vecchio_di_Firenze_vistaSince you’re in the heart of the city, a walk is just what you have to do. Walking through the streets and the wonders of Florence, through Piazza Strozzi, Piazza Della Repubblica and with a pleasant walk up to Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, you reach Ponte Vecchio (in italian Old Brdge), the symbol par excellence of Florence and of all lovers in the world. Boys and girls¬†use to attack here locks with the initials of their names, like stainless symbol of love, but regardless of this, Ponte Vecchio is an unmissable stage in your florentine stay. Ponte Vecchio is crossed by the Vasari Corridor (that wore the Medici Family up to Pitti Palace) but it’s also rich of prestigious jewelry stores and shops of goldsmiths where – if your beloved is very generous- you may even receive a shiny and precious gift

5) cibreoNight is coming and your love will be hungry and if food is one of the pleasures of life, don’t forget that it is also a weapon of seduction, that’s why we recommend a dinner in one of the best restaurants in Florence. ¬†Tonight we bring you in Sant’ Ambrogio neighborhood where you will run into in the fabulous world of “Cibreo” thanks to his creator, Fabio Picchi that in 1979 founded first “Cibr√®o Restaurant” and “Cibr√®o Trattoria” (also known as “The Cibr√®ino”), and later “Teatro del Sale” (In italian “salt theatre”), the most recent “Cibleo” and in 1989, the “Caff√® Cibreo “. ¬†cibreo2You‚Äôre so full of alternatives but we suggest you to spend the most romantic night of the year: opened since the early hours of the morning and then up to night, the “Caff√® Cibreo” is where you can go to be pampered by the chef Picchi’s dishes in a intimate and sophisticated setting, characterized by the red velluo armchairs. You absolutely must try ¬†the morsels of bread with Florentine pat√® and the others delights on the menu. Please remember to have a Cibreo stash of chocolate bars, especially the ginger’s one, who will be able to give sweetness and – at the same time – some good vibes for your after dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Florence ‚̧!