25 03, 2016

Keep an eye on Quelle Tre! (Non) Fashion and Craftsmanship in Florence

By |25 March, 2016|Categories: Fashion, Shopping and Events, Handicraft and Made in Florence|

Cecilia, Cristiana, Luciana. Three sisters, three women, three worlds. They are different in nature and features, but they have been together since the start. They are Quelle Tre (italian for “those three”). But Quelle Tre is also the name of a women’s clothing and accessories line, that Scardigli sisters launched in Florence in the late ’80s. […]

18 03, 2016

Giardino Torrigiani: the hidden gem of Florence

By |18 March, 2016|Categories: Art, museums, culture|

With an extension of seven hectares, Giardino Torrigiani is the largest private garden in Europe built inside the walls of a city. It seems odd that a botanical complex so wide, protected by Unesco, might be able to maintain its exclusive character. Yet Giardino Torrigiani, located at the southern end of the Santo Spirito district in Oltrarno – between Porta Romana, Piazza Tasso and the Boboli Gardens – remains today the hidden gem of Florence. […]

11 03, 2016

Enoteca Zanobini: Florence traditional wine producers

By |11 March, 2016|Categories: Wine Tasting and Production|

Founded in Florence in 1944, in Via Sant’Antonino 47 red – in the San Lorenzo district, close to the Central Market – Enoteca Zanobini has always been synonymous with Tuscany’s wine tradition. To these days, the cousins Simone and Mario Zanobini are proud holder of the “vinattieri” title (ancient italian for “wine producers”), a category that refers to the Guild of Arts and Crafts, which was created in Florence between […]

5 03, 2016

Philippe Braverio, your Art expert in Florence!

By |5 March, 2016|Categories: Art, museums, culture|

Let me please introduce myself. You can simply call me Philippe, even though at exhibitions and conferences everybody knows me as Professor Braverio. I am a critic, a journalist, a university professor. I primarily write about art, museums and culture, but – if I may say so myself – I am also very well prepared about cinema, theater, music and every other artistic expression. In fact, I have a degree in each and […]

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